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Ceramic Tiles From India to UAE


The United Arab Emirates, also known as Emirates is a sovereign state in Western Asia in the Middle East. UAE’s oil reserves are the 6th largest in the world while its natural gas reserves stand at 7th largest in the world. Currently, the country is less reliable on its oil and gas reserves than in previous years and is now focusing more on tourism and other businesses.

China and India account for more than half of the world’s ceramic tile production which makes them the largest exporters of ceramic materials, ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, kitchen sinks, and other ceramic finished goods in large amounts.

Some of the market drivers for the growth of the ceramic industry are increasing in the population and the construction industry. Apart from just the construction sector, ceramics can be seen highly used in the fields of dentistry, machinery, military equipment, medicines, and more.

Some of the key vendors in UAE are Emirates Ceramics, Granitto Al Khaleej Ceramics, and RAK Ceramics while other prominent vendors include Al Anwar Ceramic, Aljawdah Ceramics, Al Maha Ceramics, and Saudi Ceramic.

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