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Indian Ceramic Tiles, Sanitaryware and Sink in Vietnam


Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost country on the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam’s economy is outperforming most of its regional peers with GDP growth rates of 6.21%, FDI of over US $15 billion, the 4th highest in Asia, construction industry expansion of 10%, foreign visitors up 26%, 110,100 new business start-ups, and exports up 8.6% to US $176 bn.

The ceramic industry is booming in Vietnam with the increasing capacity in the production of tiles with the growing domestic consumption. Sanitary ware production has been accounted for 25 million pieces from which 30-35% is being exported. All this growth and booming productions have led to increasing demand for ceramic materials and to some extent finished ceramic products. Vietnam has become one of the most important single markets in Southeast Asia for ceramic manufacturing.

It is being forecasted that in the long-term, the ceramic tile industry will continue to grow because of urbanization and housing demand growth.

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